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Vans RV import Europe                  page updated 19 November 2011


Do you want help to import a used RV from USA to Europe? 


Brief description. 

I can help you import a RV together with my contacts in the Portland area, USA. We have very good connections with the Vans factory (close to Portland).  


We can help you find the RV you’re looking for. If you already found one, we could import it for you. Before shipping we can offer some enhancements if required (instruments, bulletins, paint, engine etc). Why not take advantage of local expertise and low price by arranging some maintenance with the factory just around the corner. It's also possible to make improvements on your a/c design with help from


Your a/c is always disassembled and shipped "all water" to Europe. The ocean crossing takes around one month. 

When the a/c is received and has gone through customs, it must go through further inspections and noise testing. This takes place in Sweden and takes around one month. Specific procedures will be agreed with you at the time of contract.

Interested? Send me a mail (  or call (+46 76760 75 00) !

The chosen a/c must be delivered to Eugene, OR in USA and will be available from any airfield in Sweden after reassembly, registration and inspection.

Detailed conditions are agreed between us and the buyer.


Sorry guys but there is no more zero TAX into EU...

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