C.V.  M.Sc. Mats Skröder


Born:                                    1957

Relevant experience:              18 years as ICT-leader

Areas of Expertise:                IT-Manager, CIO, CTO, IT-strategy, IT-management



I have extensive experience as IT-manager/CIO/CTO for large and small companies in some industries! I'm the one that delivers ICT stability and quality. I set up strategic and operational objectives, and deploy the ICT business. I manage and deliver IT that works well and one of my strengths is to be a visionary with creative solutions and deliver structured pragmatic solutions.

I have been running large, complex change and migration projects. I am a humble leader who listens and positive leads work teams and with my technical know-how do I get my team with me and can "move mountains". I have worked a lot internationally and much in the Nordic countries.


I have as IT manager had responsibility for 25 employees. Some examples of projects I have undertaken is H & M's mail in Europe from scratch, H & M web, H & M migration to new technology platform, Deloitte new platform and infrastructure of 52 offices plus migration to MS mail, Implementation of Visma ERP for Ljungby Steel Foundry and to commercialize the product.


I have planned and implemented improved operational service for Tilgin AB, strategic outsourcing, relocation to new facilities (120 employees) and data centers, new web, startup of ERP system Jeeves and others systems.


I have good knowledge / experience in:


• Work operationally and strategically.
• Improve ICT and stands stress.
• Drive large complex projects.
• Humble leader who positively support and motivate my employees.
• Work with logistics and ERP
• Implement business value (ROI) in ICT.
• Establish long-term modern solutions.
• Work internationally,
primarily in Scandinavia and Finland
• IT manager working tasks with budgets, management and purchasing.





My professional ambitions
Use my extensive experience in technology, strategy and management to create solutions with greater return on investment and better business value. I always deliver modern quality solutions and I’m well-read in the future development.


I have broad range in ICT and I’m good at working strategically, operationally and to enforce large complex change projects. I've been commended for my ability to listen and positively manage, support and motivate employees during major change, and my service minded approach.


Work experience:

Jan 2013-Feb. 2014



Boule Diagnostics AB



of tasks:

Responsible group ICT (Boule Diagnostics AB, Boule Medical AB, Clinical Diagnostics Inc., Boule Medicial Co Ltd. China)


June 2010-Nov.  2012



Payzone Nordic AB. The business is safe electronic card transactions for retailers like H&M.


CIO/CTO. I’m part of the management team and responsible for 12 employees.

of tasks:

I have proposed IT plans in the senior management team and anchored them for delivery. I have implemented organizational changes and set methods for estimating development for the production of computer systems which increased delivery precision and efficiency. I have established and been responsible for a number of major change projects (about SEK 7 million) to conduct a comprehensive upgrade of the development and operating environment, moving the data center and the exchange of support. I was responsible for e-mail move to the so-called Cloud. See also www.payzone.se for more information. I’ve set up Payzone project for upgrade/swap to MS CRM.


Nov 2010-Jan 2011



Örebro municipal


Management consultant by Lexicon IT, subcontractor

of tasks:

Project to evaluate proposals for new IT organization and a second opinion. I have conducted interviews and meetings with about 35 managers in positions that have different IT roles within the municipality. I have read various reports and evaluated the municipality's proposal to improve the organization. All the work is summarized and delivered in a report. I have since seen some of my recommendations, the municipality has taken


May 2010-Oct 2010



Siemens Industrial Turbo Machinery


Senior Project Manager via Lexicon IT, subcontractor

of tasks:

Quality assurance of moving Helpdesk from Sweden to Ireland. I have for the Siemens Industrial Turbo Machinery Ltd worked as the company's project manager for quality assurance of the relocation of the Swedish IT support to Ireland and Siemens IT Solutions and Services Irish unity. My role was to represent the client and monitor the project. Moving and transfer went well and important issues were resolved by my role in this project.


Dec 2009-June 2010



Bromma Air Maintenance AB. See www.bam.aero for more information


Senior Project Manager.

of tasks:

Responsibility for major maintenance projects. Remodelling of aircraft with the installation of surveillance equipment, etc. Typical customer eg Finnish Coast Guard. It is complicated projects to rebuild the aircraft. Unfortunately there where not enough new orders so the service was stopped. I did also go through the support datasystems for the service workshop and prepared to upgrade or exchange the system. The project was on hold due to lack of funding


 Jan 2009-Oct 2010





CTO. I was part of the management team with staff responsibility for 12 team members.

of tasks:

I was responsible for technology and systems as technical director. Focus on administrative management of systems for the company, please see www.iis.se


May 2004-Aug 2008



Tilgin AB is a development and sales company in Internet telephony, video and multimedia area with 110 employees. The company sells products worldwide from offices in Stockholm, Sweden, France and the United States. It has its own manufacturing of electronics in China.


IT Manager, Facility Manager and Security Manager

of tasks:

I started by helping Tilgin with Jeeves (ERP) as there were problems with using the system. A lot of management was manual and Excel where used as support. On a quarter, I had a group up and running processes with Jeeves and the manual work could be removed!
I have driven many projects and tasks during my time in Tilgin, eg:

·         Deploying business process orders, inventory, purchasing and sales

·         Documented business processes.

·         Outsourcing of email systems and business systems to TeleComputing.

·         Established IT policies and IT security

·         Introduction of Web, intranet and extranet

·         Introduction of helpdesk systems

·         Replacing CRM System

·         New infrastructure, communications and telephony

·         Relocation of the entire operation in 2006 for ICT and all premises. I was also responsible for security solutions.

·         New data centers, internal office management and development department. Tilgin had nearly 100 servers running that I structured into new environment.

·         Coordinated environment with Linux and Windows, and set up VPN for remote access





Visma Software AB is part of the Norwegian Visma ASA and sells among others ERP-systems in Scandinavia


Product Manager, as subcontractor.

of tasks:

I have through my company Basic IT worked as Product Manager for Visma. I was responsible for the Swedish launch of the ERP system Visma Production. The system is developed by Visma in Finland and has a customer base of over 70 companies. I've been running for Visma the Swedish translation, packaging, advertising and marketing, and installation of the system for a foundry in Sweden. I drove translation project in Sweden to short-term hire 30 unemployed graduates and hire a laptop to each person. We managed to translate the entire system on a three months period!




Continuous period when I worked as IT manager for different companies



Deloitte AB is one of Sweden's leading accounting and consulting firm. Deloitte is part of the global Deloitte, with operations in more than 140 countries.


IT Manager. I was responsible for the Swedish IT operations and had a budget of about SEK 35 million. In my team included four groups with a total of 25 employees.

of tasks:

I was in charge of swap and migration of email systems for over 800 users. I also conducted a total roll out and change of the infrastructure for 32 of Deloitte's 52 offices in Sweden. It was a project of SEK 12 million! The project was very successful and Deloitte was one of Sweden's first large IP-based networks with significantly better performance at much lower price!
In 2002, we collaborated with Norwegian Deloitte and my role was Deputy IT Director for the Norwegian-Swedish IT organization with a total of 30 people. I was responsible for database and knowledge and infrastructure. I had the legal financial responsibility for the Swedish operations throughout cooperation with Norway and budgetary responsibility exercised by me. During my time at Deloitte, I was responsible for our international collaboration with Deloitte's European center in London, and not the least knowledge center in Holland



Innovative-IT Europe AB was subsidiary to TurnIT Group. Innovative sold software and consulting services in IT infrastructure


IT- and Consultant manager for PC-products.

of tasks:

I was recruited to the company as an IT-manager for the PC product portfolio. I had responsibility for service desk for our PC support with four subordinates. I built up the entire corporate infrastructure and installed phone systems and CRM system.



Hennes & Mauritz AB (1999, H & M had sales in 14 countries


IT-manager. I had group responsibility for the entire PC area with a team of 15 employees. I assisted H & M's special department for the cashier systems with various IT issues, etc.

of tasks:

In my daily responsibilities for PC included among others operation, development, PC purchases, maintenance, support and writing policies. I initiated and implemented several major projects, and installed the Group's global PC network and introduced e-mail to all sales countries with very successful results. We rolled out it with a tagged team of about eight months! I built up a PC-group from 2 to 15 people and developed many consulting and outsourcing contacts needed for various projects. I was technically responsible for www.hm.com and also for a number of other business and production systems that was PC based. I worked mainly in Europe with sales countries ICT and infrastructure improvements. I had dotted line to the system manager in each sales country. I arranged meetings for key countries. I was involved in a project loyalty program as technical support. For the “new shop department” I was deeply engaged with upgrade of the entire PC environment.I was responsible for IT policies and PC standards etc.



KundGirot AB was part of Trygg-Hansa AB Group and sold outsourcing of accounts receivable.


IT- and systems manager. Responsible for daily operations, maintenance and support. My team consisted of two developers and a support person.

of tasks:

I worked with strategical and operations tasks including customer installations. We hosted and supervised the accounts receivable that clients outsource to us. I also ran internal project to upgrade and replace internal applications.



Atlas Copco Craelius AB is a division within Atlas Copco that sells and manufactures special types of rock drilling equipment.


IT-manager for the operation and maintenance of all IT in a division with two factories and more than 100 employees. I had responsibility for purchasing IT equipment and personnel for the two employees.

of tasks:

Support and maintenance. I was also the one who initiated a project to replace the division customized ERP system MFG / PRO. I worked operationally with all the company's information systems across different platforms. Supply contacts and agreements.


Work experience:


• Self-employed. I built on customer assignments client-server solutions.
• Project Manager. Luleå Technology University.
• Product Manager. Invent Systems Consulting AB and AB Unistar
• Self-employed, my private Ltd. Pioneer in ERP systems with relational database
• Group Manager. Ericsson Rifa AB
• ERP consultant, Computas AB
• Trainee Volvo AB


Other work experience:  


Object-Oriented Systems, Analysis & Design, Informator


Goal oriented project management, Informator Training Swedish AB


Symbolic Leadership, Hennes & Mauritz AB


Several other work-related internal and external courses




1977 - 1981 

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Linköping University


Aerodynamics, 5p, KTH, Stockholm


(SCM), Supply Chain Management, KTH / PLAN


Education so called MRO systems.


Part-145 and Part-M for aircraft maintenance, EASA standard


PCI security for card payments





Fluent in spoken and writing


Good speech understanding


Good speech understanding


Basic Conversation


Beginner level

Personal and other qualifications:
In my spare time I spend time with family and friends. I am married and have three children. In summertime we are often on trip with our boat in the archipelago.
I am interested in aviation and I hold a license for private flying. I am also a board member of the Swedish Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations.


References available upon request.


I look forward to a meeting to better present what I can do for your enterprise!

mats@skroder.se or +46766 33 99 00  

Stockholm 3 March 2014


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